Call to Mentor!

Calling all college women and graduates!

Interested in mentoring young women of color from a Brooklyn high school? Read on!

What is Young Women Rock!?

The Women Worldwide Initiative’s mentoring program, Young Women Rock!, isdedicated to strengthening the lives and communities of young women in under-served neighborhoods through a sustainable curriculum-based, group and one-on-one mentorship program. The mentorship program provides young women with the resources and support necessary to make positive life choices and create community change.  Young Women Rock! encourages and empowers young women to make informed and healthy decisions about their relationships, sexual health, future options, and broader women’s issues.

How does Young Women Rock! work?

Pairing group-based mentoring with one-on-one mentor/mentee relationships, Young Women Rock! helps young women build self-esteem and awareness to make healthy choices as they mature.  Each Wednesday, college student and graduatementors lead interactive, fun and educational sessions on issues that are important to young women. We invite guest speakers and lead hip-hop-inspired workshops, as well as take the young women on a cultural outing once a month.

A sampling of the topics from the Young Women Rock! curriculum is as follows:

  •       Self-esteem, Personal Identity & Body Image
  •       College, Future Options & Global Citizenship
  •       Stereotypes & Discrimination
  •       Conflict Resolution, Bullying & Internet Safety
  •       Sexual Health & Responsible Decision-Making
  •       Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships and Preventing Violence Against Women

Most importantly, through Young Women Rock!, young women build positive relationships, gain the self confidence to stay in school, and learn to make healthy choices impacting themselves and their future. 

Important Details & How to Apply:

  • Where does Young Women Rock! meet?  WATCH High School, 400 Pennsylvania Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11207 (inside Jefferson High School; near the 2, 3, 4, 5, A, C trains – approximately 45minutes from Manhattan)
  • When does Young Women Rock! meet?  Wednesdays from 3:15PM-5:15PM. You must attend session each week, emergency situations withstanding. Many of these girls are used to adults being unreliable and unsupportive. It is important that we are a stable, reliable and supportive part of their lives.
  • How long does Young Women Rock! last?  One academic semester (starting Wednesday, February 29th)
  • ***How can I apply to be a YWR! mentor? 
  1. Fill out the application before Friday, February 24th and 
  2. we will contact you about participating in our Mentoring Training Conference Call. By joining YWR!, you are making a commitment to the group and your mentee. If you repeatedly miss session, not only does your mentee notice, she will feel abandoned. You need to be a stable presence and supportive figure.
Thank you for your interest in mentoring young women. We hope that you apply to become a mentor and thus help us to enhance the lives of young women of color in New York City!


The Women Worldwide Team!

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