Sponsor a Young Woman Leader in Your Community!

Sponsor a Young Woman Leader who… lives in a community with the highest rates of HIV/AIDS and STDs in all of Brooklyn and NYC, who has over a 50% chance of becoming pregnant at least once before the age of 20 due to a lack of access to resources, and whose high school class will not likely all graduate… but despite all odds, she has an indomitable will to succeed and pursue her dreams.

Young Women Rock! is a leadership and personal development program for inner-city girls aged 14-18. The program is dedicated to strengthening the lives and communities of young women in under-served communities through a curriculum based, group, and one-on-one mentoring program that includes weekly sessions,  special cultural outings, a college visit to an ivy league university, and culminates with the YWR! Leadership Luncheon.

The Impact of our Programs

Your contribution will help us put 20+ young women from under-served neighborhoods in New York City through an intensive leadership and personal development program, which encourages their ambition, self-confidence and growth, and provides them with important resources to help them achieve her dreams.


  • A new generation of young female leaders.
  • Positive role models for young women, which encourage their ambition, self-confidence and growth, allowing them to trust and showing them that they are supported.
  • More positive attitudes toward school, significantly improved academic performance, more likely to trust their teachers, and higher levels of self-confidence and a greater ability to express their feelings (Curtis & Hansen-Schwoebel, 1999; Karcher, 2005; Karcher, Davis, & Powell, 2002).

Our program supports these girls all the way through high school, helping them make informed decisions for themselves in the face of severe societal pressure, and illustrating that they have resources available to them to make smart decisions. We encourage their ambition, empower their confidence, and keep them on track by helping them set goals and work toward achieving them.

Your gift will help us support the following critical-need areas:

  • Year-long (and often life-long) mentoring relationship between a college student/graduate and a high school student from an inner-city.
  • Group and one-on-one year-long mentorship program, with a focus on academic achievement and positive life decisions.
  • Day-long mentor and leadership training for over 40 young women in 2012.
  • Annual Young Women Rock! Leadership Luncheon, a closing ceremony to engage, motivate and excite our mentees about their futures, and celebrate their accomplishments upon completing our year-long leadership program. Last year, keynote speakers included NY State Senator Montgomery and Dr. Brenda Greene.
  • Engaging, empowering and educational workshops, performances and outings for our Young Women Rock! Mentorship program, including a college visit to an ivy league educational institution with private female professor panel discussion.

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that some folks just aren’t able to contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help! Please help us get the word out and make some noise about our campaign! Remember, it’s easy, you can use the Indiegogo share tools!

Thank you!

We are incredibly proud of our accomplishments this past year including the launch of our mentorship and leadership development program for young women in under-served neighborhoods, NY State Senator Montgomery and Dr. Brenda Greene as keynote speakers for the First Annual YWR! Leadership Luncheon, and topping off the year with a feature on MSNBC.

It is with great joy that I watch our program develop more young women leaders, more ambassadors of positive values, and more evidence that person-to-person interaction in a safe space is still an irreplaceable mechanism for social change.

We couldn’t have done any of it without your love and support. Thank you!

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