What Young Women Rock! Means to Me

The need for ‎Young Women Rock‬! is great. Rates of poverty, teen pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS, are alarmingly high both in Brownsville and in East New York, Brooklyn. Teen pregnancy in particular leads many girls in these communities to drop out of high school, lowering their chances of receiving a higher education and earning a competitive salary to support a family later in life.

Our hope is that Young Women Rock! will interrupt the poverty cycle that exists in so many communities by providing young women with access to important resources and to a strong, life-long support system that encourages their ambition and empowers their confidence. We believe so strongly in the potential of these girls!

Below you will find a compilation of responses from YWR! mentors and mentees on what the program means to them. We hope you enjoy and if you are so moved, to apply to join YWR! or pass it along to a friend who might be interested!

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