Applications Open: Young Women Rock! Mentorship Program

Young Women Rock! Fall 2014 – Spring 2015

As another successful year of Young Women Rock! gears up for its final semester, we are starting to prepare for the next group of mentors and mentees!

We are recruiting female mentors (ages 19 – 30) and mentees (ages 14 – 18) from January through the end of April. Mentors must live in the NYC metro area and mentees must live in either Brooklyn or the Bronx.

Many of our New Year’s resolutions include giving back to the community and empowering girls is one of the best ways to do that! If you or anyone you know may be interested in participating in the program, we encourage you to forward them this letter.

Young Women Rock! has the mission to empower girls through mentorshipbuilding their self-confidence and challenging them to discover and fulfill their potential.

YWR! is dedicated to strengthening the lives and communities of young women in under-served neighborhoods through a sustainable curriculum-based, group and one-on-one mentorship program. The philosophy behind the YWR! curriculum is to empower young women by having them think critically about themselves, their identity and their goals, while breaking down negative messages fed to them by society and the media. The curriculum covers topics from self-esteem and personal identity to sexual health, future options and global citizenship.

Mentors can choose their preference of serving at our Brooklyn or Bronx location. By joining the program, mentors and mentees make a commitment to each other and to the program to attend session each week and attend outings once a month.

As a mentor, we provide a stable, positive, and safe relationship for our mentees. This relationship encourages their ambition, self-confidence and growth, allows them to trust and shows them that they are supported and have someone to come to for guidance.

As a mentee, you join an amazing sisterhood. You get to build a relationship with your mentor and with the group. You’ll leave the program identifying as a leader, being self-confident, feeling empowered to achieve your dreams and… with a group of new friends.



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