Women’s History Month Poetry Challenge


Poetry Contest to Connect, Inspire & Educate

In celebration of Women’s History Month, The Women Worldwide Initiative (TWWI) is leading the awareness campaign, Artists Create Change, throughout the month of March to use the art of poetry to empower women and girls globally and illustrate that art creates social change. We are seeking poets with a range of experience, perspective, geography and style. The winner of the month-long challenge will be awarded the title, Artist Impact Ambassador, for the year of 2014.

To apply
You may submit a previously written poem or create one specifically for this contest. Suggested themes relating to women and girls include:
Education – women & girls
Health – women & girls
Leadership – women & girls
Speaking out against violence
Solidarity, community, sisterhood
*homage to a current day “shero” (highlighting the accomplishments women are making in today’s world in the quest for equality and social justice among women & girls locally and globally)

Contest details

  • Submit a poem by emailing (1) your poem, and (2) a photo of yourself to marina@womenworldwideinitiative.org with subject “WHM Artist Challenge 2014″ by March 23, 2014 deadline.
  • Be sure to include your full name and the title of your piece.
  • Your photo will be uploaded into ”WHM Poetry Challenge” photo album on Facebook along with your poem as the caption for phase 1 voting.
  • The poem must align with our mission and values to be entered.


  • Phase 1 (March 24 – 30): Voting By Peers. People can place one vote (for one poem) by “liking” the image on Facebook. Double votes (liking more than one photo) will disqualify voter.
  • Phase 2: Finalists will be selected by TWWI Board based on popularity from phase 1 voting.Winner will be announced on our website on March 31, 2014.

Why should you participate?

  • You will be awarded the title, Artist Impact Ambassador, for the year of 2014.
  • Your poem will be exposed to supporters, donors and volunteers of Subud International Cultural Association and The Women Worldwide Initiative
  • You will be participating in a global movement for gender equality and female empowerment.

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