About Us

Our Mission

The mission of The Women Worldwide Initiative (TWWI) is to empower marginalized women and girls to strengthen their agency and decision-making power.

TWWI’s flagship mentorship program and small-scale international development projects are dedicated to poverty eradication through youth development, educational, and gender-sensitive empowerment programming for women and girls in impoverished communities domestically and internationally.

Our Vision

The Women Worldwide Initiative envisions a global community of women and girls who have the opportunity to fulfill their true potential. They believe in their self-worth, are informed and smart decision-makers, and have the skills needed to be leaders in their own lives and communities.

How We Got Started

Founded in New York in 2012, The Women Worldwide Initiative (TWWI) is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit incorporation designed to strengthen the lives and communities of vulnerable women and girls.

Since 2012, TWWI has served more than 100 women and girls in New York City and the Dominican Republic, and has affected more than 400 people in under-served communities through extended programming and events.

TWWI’s programs are holisticsustainableinnovative and high impact. They are empowerment-based as the social, political and economic empowerment of women and girls is crucial to gender equality, poverty eradication and global development.


Women Worldwide Initiative believes in:

  • The power of positive role models and mentors to enhance a woman or girl’s sense of self-worth and thus drive her towards excellence in all aspects of her life;
  • The ability to affect social change through women and young people;
  • Respect for the worth and dignity of all individuals, particularly women and girls;
  • The inclusion and acceptance of the differences and perspectives of others;
  • Engagement through understanding and responding to our partners’ needs;
  • Commitment to the public good;
  • Integrity through uncompromising commitment to transparency and ethical principles;
  • Excellence through expertise, efficiency and sound decision-making in all we do.


The Women Worldwide Initiative relies on the financial contributions, in-kind donations and volunteer efforts of individuals and companies around the world who are committed to advancing the potential of women and girls. Visit our Contribute page to learn how you can get involved with The Women Worldwide Initiative.

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