Board of Advisors

Denise D. Ferguson

Denise, recently retired Director of the Chicago Advisory Council on Women, has been a public servant for 36 years. Her unwavering commitment to women and girls is illustrated by her work for the City of Chicago Commission on Human Relations where she tirelessly worked to increase women’s access to all levels of city government and advised the Mayor and City Council on matters involving discrimination against women.  Additionally, she designed educational programs to promote equality and eliminate violence and discrimination against women and girls.

“I am selfish.  I need Women Worldwide more than Women Worldwide needs me.  I am a 58-year-old retired woman with very few computer skills and a tremendous passion for advancing the status of women and girls. With Women Worldwide I join an active network of intergenerational computer literate leaders.  I am devoted to working with this organization and sharing the people and resources of 36 years of human rights advocacy. “


 Anita Burgos
 Anita is currently pursuing her PhD in Neurobiology at Columbia
 University, after graduating from New York University with a BA in Biology
 and minor in Creative Writing and Spanish. She spends most of her time in
 labs or mentoring young women, as she hones her teaching skills in
 preparation for becoming an academic scientist. Ms. Burgos has over 4
 years mentoring experience in under-served neighborhoods, and has a
 wealth of tutoring experience.
Awards: Vito J. Pitta Scholarship Award (2007), Amgen Scholar (2009), Collegiate Research Scholar (2010), Special Recognition Award (2011), BP-ENDURE fellowship (2011), NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2011), George Schwartz Prize in Biology (2011), Founder’s Day Award (2011).
“I feel that for many women today, their biggest challenge will be conquering their own self-doubt, which is why I believe there is a need for a program that focuses on mentoring, supporting and educating both women and girls. My values and goals align well with those of The Women Worldwide Initiative… I truly believe The Women Worldwide Initiative can make an incredible impact on women and girls on an international scale.”

 Teresita Ayala
 Teresita (also known as “Lah Tere”) is a humanitarian, activist, femcee, songstress, and visionary speaker. Teresita is the co-founder of Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen, a multifaceted hip hop event designed to showcase women artists, especially women of color. MHHK serves as a social justice community-organizing platform that educates and empowers women of color on issues that impact their lives, including Health, HIV/AIDS and reproductive justice.
“We need to speak out about reproductive, education and environmental injustices globally at every level and platform that we can. We have to take action around child sexual abuse, molestation, rape and trafficking. If we don’t do it, who will? I am dedicated and committed to building this organization to its fullest potential. “A woman healed is a new world revealed!”
Teresita has a wealth of experience to offer The Women Worldwide Initiative in education, community relations, event planning and program management:
  • 15 years organizational and program development experience in young and adult women empowerment programs;
  • Talented educator with established ability to teach, inspire and empower participants while keeping high interest and success;
  • Expressive communicator able to efficiently interact with varied community populations at different levels;
  • Experienced coordinator of social justice community programs.
  • Traveled to Germany, Spain, Chile, Guatemala, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Palestine defending human rights of poor workers, immigrants, women and children.