Request Notebooks

We would love to provide the children you serve with a small act of kindness – a customized notebook just for them… to write, draw, explore and be inspired!

You must be a non-profit organization that works with vulnerable children or youth, particularly in a conflict or war zone. Inner city neighborhoods will be considered as well.

Responsibilities for NGOs who request a donation of Notebooks for Peace:

  1. Provide a reliable delivery address and stay in contact with Notebooks for Peace during the delivery process. We fundraise all the money ourselves and thus want to ensure the notebooks reach the children!
  2. Provide Notebooks for Peace with an update on how the children are enjoying their new notebooks. This can be done through e-mail to reduce costs, and we would highly appreciate some photographs!

Please fill out the form below and our Founder, Uraidah Hassani, will be in contact with you shortly.

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