Social Change Projects

$568 billion spent on aid to Africa, and yet the typical African country is no richer today than 40 years ago… Economic development happens, not through aid, but through the homegrown efforts of entrepreneurs and social and political reformers.

– William Easterly

The Women Worldwide Initiative’s Social Change Projects are small-scale international development projects that address specific and urgent needs as expressed by local communities. While foreign aid is not always effective in reaching those most in need with what they need most, Social Change Projects assists communities in developing homegrown, innovative, and sustainable solutions for lasting change with the belief that the empowerment of women and girls can break the poverty cycle.

  • We believe in sustainable development and the power of youth and women to transform communities.
  • We stick to “what works” by working closely with NGOs and communities to find out what they need and empowering them to propose solutions for lasting change.
  • Our projects are strongly connected with local members of the communities we serve, as true change can only come from within.





High Impact



  • work with our partners and other organizations, while including participants of our mentorship program to ;
  • engage in projects that are sustainable, or can be repeated with equal or added effectiveness;
  • work with local communities to develop solutions for lasting change;
  • meet the strongest needs of communities;
  • direct our energy to effective projects or to improve the effectiveness of great programs already in place;
  • create projects that are highly creative, unique and empowering;
  • draw on the resources and support of our partners in building a community of best practice
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