Sewing Futures in Azua, DR

Sewing Futures in Azua, DR is a social change project that is running its pilot phase in partnership with Fundacion Casa Ana to provide sewing training to increase the skills and income potential of undereducated female caretakers. We hope that the pilot phase will lay the foundation for a broader initiative to provide sewing skills training to adolescent girls and women in the community, teaching them a marketable skill, which can be utilized as an income-generating vehicle.

About Casa Ana

Casa Ana is a family care center and NGO in Azua, Dominican Republic, and a safe haven where family values and individual empowerment help nurture responsible and productive citizens for a better society. The children are exposed to the benefits of educational progress and social responsibility. Casa Ana strives to instill in the children hope for a brighter future.

About the community

Among the issues facing the Dominican Republic today, the lack of opportunities for young people and women are prevalent, severely limiting their possibilities for advancement. Approximately 36% of pupils do not complete the basic education cycle. Most of these children are from the poorest sectors and inevitably drop out of school in order to work and provide a source of income for the home. As of 2010, the unemployment rate for males was 39% contrasting greatly to the staggering 67% unemployment rate for women. group

Why sewing? In an effort to address some of the conditions of poverty caused by contributing factors stemming  from a a lack of education, TWWI has partnered with Fundacion Casa Ana in Azua, DR to develop “Sewing Futures in Azua,” a sewing workshop initiative geared towards the women caretakers of the children who attend Casa Ana. Empowering these women with tools, such as technical skills training, will enable them to be better situated to generate income for their households and consequently eliminate the need for them to pull their children out of school.

How can I help?

Donate Supplies

We are in need of sewing supplies for this project, and will gladly accept pre-owned materials in good condition. Our wish list (in order of priority):

  • 6 sewing machines (gently used or new; with basic features)
  • Fabric or fabric remnants (in good “wearable” condition)
  • Spools of thread (all colors; new or used)
  • Needles (all sizes)
  • Scissors
  • Thimbles
  • Measuring tape

Donate funds

Want to support Sewing Futures in Azua, but don’t have any sewing supplies to donate? Not to worry! We are accepting monetary donations, which will be used to provide technical training skills and cover any supplies-related costs.

Questions? For information on shipping arrangements or any other related matter, please contact SCP Director, Kimberly Andino, at

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